The program shows the incorrect date/time, different than the computer or server hosting the database date and hour.

TimeOffice uses a system in which the date and time are obtained from the Time zone of your office or work place. When the Time zone is configured incorrectly, the system can show an incorrect date and time.

By default, TimeOffice is configured to work with the central Time zone of the USA, so if you live in another part of the world or if your computer was not configured correctly, you may need to modify this option manually.

Problem solution

Note: If you installed the TimeOffice program on a network, it is necessary to follow these steps on the computer you chose as the server.

1- Double click the Windows clock in the bottom right corner to open the date and time properties of your system.

2- In the upper part of this window, click the Time zone tab. A map with the world's time zones will appear.

3- Verify that the time zone you selected is the right one, according to your country and location. If it is not, change it to the correct zone and click OK.

4- After having made this change, it is possible that the date/time of Windows has been altered. Check that the Windows date/time is correct. If not, double click on the Windows clock again that appears on the bottom right corner and update the clock with the correct date/hour.

5- Open the TimeOffice Administrator program and enter the name and password of the ADMINISTRATOR user.

6- In the Tools menu, choose the Configuration option and in the window that appears choose the Time tab.

7- Verify that the time zone you selected is the right one, depending on the country and place where you are.  If not, change it to the correct zone (in the bottom part you can see an example of local time that must match the computer and server hour where the program is installed) and click OK.

Consult program help to obtain more details about how TimeOffice uses date and hour and how to configure the time zone.

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