You can acquire the edition that best fits your situation according to the number of employees in your company, or build a customized solution. For example, if your company has 50 employees you can buy the Medium company edition with capacity for up to 100 employees, or buy two licenses for Small companies of 25 employees each. All editions can be combined to support a determined number of employees.

Internet purchase prices (available for any country)

Edition* Allowed employees
(USA dollars)


Mini company
$ 15.90


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Micro company 10
$ 29.90


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Small company 25
$ 49.90


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Medium company 100
$ 99.90


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* All editions have the the same functionality
Where to buy?

You can make your secure Internet purchase from any part of the world with your credit card.

If you are interested in distributing this product in your country, please contact us.

How your order is processed

When you make your credit card purchase on our site, you will receive a license code by e-mail. You will enter this license code in the TimeOffice demo program (that you can download free) and the program will be activated and ready to use.

Only our software products are available through the Internet, if you would like to use the biometrical functionality of this product, you will need to buy a compatible fingerprint sensor separately.

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