Take maximum advantage of the computing equipment in your company

You just need a computer!
You don't need to buy or pay for the installation, maintenance, or consumables of conventional mechanical or electronic timeclocks.

TimeOffice converts the existing computing equipment of your company into a powerful timeclock and human resource administrator with all the tools necessary for employees to begin recording clock ins and outs and for you to easily obtain the information you want.

Optional network support.
If your company has a Local Area Network (LAN), you can run TimeOffice in network mode, allowing you to centralize all the company information in a single database available for searches, access, as well as updates, from any computer. Employees can record clock ins and outs from their own computers, or any other computer, in a very convenient way.

Try it today!

Economic computer attendance and punctuality control system for micro, small, and medium companies.
 Download a free demo version and learn what that TimeOffice can offer you.

Avoid false employee records with a compatible fingerprint sensor!

With the TimeOffice Bio-4000 fingerprint sensors and TimeOffice, you can completely and securely control the way in which your employees record their clock ins and outs. The fingerprint is nontransferable, cannot be falsified, and is much more secure than bar codes or magnetic band credentials and other ID media.

*Optional accessory sold separately.

The most complete
A single application allows any employee to record clock ins and outs, consult their own attendance report and punctuality graph, and to view the attendance list of the day for the entire company.
Additionally, if you wish, TimeOffice allows anyone to view the attendance and punctuality summary of their coworkers, this way, all employees become punctuality monitors.
Know at any moment where the employees are.
With just a couple of clicks you or anyone can know, at any time, which employees are working inside or outside the company, who already left, who didn't come to work, and who was absent. You don't need to enter passwords or ask for complex reports to have access to all this information.

Unlimited customized schedules.
Each employee or group of employees can have a different schedule. You can create specific day or night schedules (for those employees having arrival and departure hours pre-defined) or variables (for those who only need to fulfill a specific number of hours each day). You can also define shifts of up to 23:59 daily hours for employees with long working trips beginning on one day and finishing the next.

Centralize the staff information.
TimeOffice allows you to keep a large quantity of information of each one of your employees and consult it daily. It also provides the flexibility of defining up to 6 special fields with useful data according to your particular business or create up to 6 classification parameters that will help you to group employees from one department, area, position, or any parameter you define.
Permission and vacation management
You can assign late instance permissions, early clock-out and absences, and view them whenever you need to.
Comparative analysis
Analyze in one single table or graph, the behavior of all employees. Identify at a glance, employees clocking in late, clocking out early or not completing their scheduled time. With TimeOffice you don't need to generate and study long reports to obtain the information you need.
Manual editing of events.
Use the manual editing module to update the record logbook of clock ins and outs at any time. You can easily detect and correct event information that employees have omitted or incorrectly recorded because they forgot to punch in/out, or for any other reason.
Also, the system alerts employees when they have pending records to immediately notify a supervisor.
Intelligent overtime processing.
You can automatically assign permanent overtime to employees or only on specific dates, that you authorize, before the clock in hour, during lunch time, after the clock out hour, or on non-working days. You can also define a minimum number of minutes to be considered as overtime, allowing you perfect control over who has overtime and under which conditions.
Automatic calculations.
Simply by double clicking the name of any employee, TimeOffice will let you quickly see the photo, the working time, any overtime, unscheduled hours, exact information about permissions, absences, tardiness, and early clock-outs in the period you choose. The payroll calculation has never been so easy.
Define the different access permissions for each of the system users. You could, for example, establish that managers will only have authorization to modify employee records of their own department.
Furthermore, the system offers the possibility to easily recover and optimize the database and will help you to protect it with an automated backup process.
Monthly summary
Review employee punctuality month after month just by looking at the calendar and quickly identify which employees have more absences or tardiness.
A powerful and flexible tool.
Make timely calculations in hour:minutes and decimal formats, print your own id badges, design and execute customized queries with SQL, allow the system to control lunch time periods, modify information of various employees in one step, manage staff salary history, configure non-working days according to company policies, and more...!

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