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Frequent questions

Which brands and models of fingerprint sensors are compatible with TimeOffice?

The only fingerprint capture device compatible with TimeOffice is the TimeOffice Bio-4000 fingerprint sensor.

To track records with the fingerprint sensor, is it necessary that the employee enter a number or just use his finger with the sensor?

The system can be configured in either of these modes, although, for companies with more than 25 employees, it is highly recommended to configure the program to first require a number entry and then a fingerprint. This way, the response times are considerably reduced and the possibility that the employee is not recognized decreases.

Do employees need to have a computer monitor/keyboard near by or do they only need to use the sensor?

It is very important that the employee verifies his/her input on the computer screen. In companies with more than 25 employees it will also be necessary that each employee use the computer keyboard to enter his number before validating his/her fingerprint.

Is the program multi-company?

No. The license of each program is for the use of only one company. If there are several companies located in the same place, it is necessary to acquire a different program for each company, and also to perform an independent system installation for each company.

Can more than one fingerprint sensor be connected to one computer?

No. Only one computer with TimeOffice can have a fingerprint sensor connected, but since the system can work with a LAN network, it is possible to have several computers in the company working as timeclock terminals, each one with its own fingerprint sensor.

My company has many branches located in different geographical areas. Is it possible to centralize data for all branches through the Internet?

TimeOffice exclusively supports connections on a local area network (LAN). It is not possible to interconnect several branches using the Internet. In this case, each branch must have its own TimeOffice installation and send periodic reports to the main office of the company by e-mail, CD's, or in printed form.

What would happen if in the future the number of employees in my company increases and the TimeOffice license I bought can't handle it?

The TimeOffice licensing model offers the possibility to increase the number of employees allowed; you just need to acquire a new license for the program for 10, 25, or 100 employees according to your needs and "add it" to the existing installation.

My company has more than 100 employees, is it possible to work with TimeOffice in such big companies?

Theoretically, TimeOffice can support companies with hundreds of employees, but the impact will be seen in performance, especially if you don't use fast computers with enough memory. In the case of companies with more than 300 employees, we recommend dividing data into different groups, so each company area or department has its own data file, independent of the others. The human resource staff could make queries and request reports through the network, opening the data files of each department, one at a time.

Is TimeOffice compatible with the payroll system of my company? / Is there a way to import or export data between TimeOffice and the payroll system of my company?

TimeOffice is exclusively designed to automate employee attendance and punctuality control, and it doesn't include any interfaces to other systems. Although it is possible to export data to spreadsheets, but currently there is no way to import or export data with specific systems or payroll programs.

Do I need specialized staff for system installation in my company?

No. The system installation can be made by the user. It is a simple process similar to other applications and it takes approximately one minute on each computer, you just need to follow the directions that appear on screen. Also, some of our distributors offer this service.

What kind of maintenance and/or support does the program require and who offers it?

The user is responsible for keeping the database in good condition, scheduling data backups, and protecting his computer against events that may impact the program data, such as power outages and computer viruses.
Vigo Rep México offers telephone technical support and e-mail support to help the user solve problems. Furthermore, on our Internet site you can consult help documents and download upgrades to correct certain problems.

I have a company with a total of X employees distributed in several branches. Can I buy only one program with a license for all the employees and install the same program in all branches?

No. The TimeOffice licensing model demands that each branch has their own license. For example, in a company with 4 branches of 25 employees each, it is not possible to use one license for 100 employees. Instead, 4 licenses of 25 employees must be acquired for each one.


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