Time is money

Your business may be paying the price for not having a good attendance and punctuality control: inflated payrolls, poor customer service due to employees who arrive late or are absent, people who do not complete their shift, and lost hours doing calculations for salary payments...

TimeOffice offers the solution to all these problems in a very simple and economic way.

TimeOffice and other products

The best price
Most mechanical time clocks cost between $150 and $300 dollars while the most economical electronic clocks cost around $400 dollars; not including the maintenance cost and consumables.

TimeOffice offers the most complete solution on the market for a fraction of the cost of other products.

Timely information
How long does it take you to register time cards on your mechanical clock each time you need to know data about the punctuality of an employee?. Do you have an electronic time clock? Each time you need updated data of staff attendance, do you need to import data to the computer then generate and print logs and confusing records?

With TimeOffice, obtaining an attendance and punctuality summary of an employee is as easy as double clicking his/her name.

A punctuality improvement tool
Allow everybody in the company to see the punctuality of their coworkers. Let them know who works more and who works less. TimeOffice offers a transparent environment where all employees become punctuality monitors without being aware of it.

Try it today !

Economic computer attendance control and punctuality system for micro, small, and medium companies.

Download a free demo version and learn all that TimeOffice can offer you.
Screen shots

Why TimeOffice?

TimeOffice will not only help you with payroll calculation, it's a complete system that will help you increase productivity in the company and improve punctuality habits of everyone.

Attributes \ System
Notebook Mechanical clock Electronic clock + software Software based clock TimeOffice
Easy installation and management
Protection against date and hour alterations
Automatic attendance and work time calculations
No special consumables required (tapes, credentials and cards)
Accessible price for micro and small companies
Immediately know employee late instances
Immediately know who is working inside and outside the company
Permission and vacation management
Employee info and id badges with photographs
Network LAN support at no additional cost
Advanced feedback for the employee
Informative graphs
General notices and personal messages for employees
Control for employees working outside the company
Comparative Table of TimeOffice VS other attendance control systems.
= Supported.
= Partially supported or only by some models.

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